Rocky Cheeks


to say goodbye
to throw yourself into the dark waters
down the rocky cliff of fears
living out of waving hands
so that you might open up your heart
let blood pour from your eyes
for your tears


to run down your neck
in strings of red
out of your veins


and onto your arms
strengthened by his touch
weakened by their leaving
livened by some ideas of the future


like the words on a board
now erasable in their promise
to keep in touch
to send an owl back and forth
in pages inked with letters from souls


so that only the sun can read
just the moon might speak
the sentences that are left
in your mind
written, on your heart
after the saying and nodding is done
gone far away, raising from the ground


coursing through the air
away from who you are
back to who you were
but always adrift from your shore
in which waves break stubbornly


with the salt on the rocks and your eyes
reflecting the light of days
now gone to the shadows
and the memory of smiles once shared
stored only in the chest of your ribs


by everything learned
from those now gone
the ones now migrating back home
back to the love they once knew
away from the love you pledged to know


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