Happily Ever Afters


do not think i’ve forgotten about you
don’t believe for a second that i don’t recall
how your smile felt on mine
when we laughed to the sound of our laughter
how our heads would share a cushion
when we saw movies without
happily ever afters
and we were reminded
of how life works
(so why are we so surprised now everything’s wrong?)

i remember our competitive strikes
in english class
where fun flooded our eyes
as we scraped down our books with answers
and we beat time, never
one another

walks to the park or nowhere at all
used to fill my soul with comfort
because i knew that you would be there
and i would be here
for you
and now i’m gone and you’re alone
in a room unlike those we’ve come to know
(and i’m sorry)

but i’m still here you know
next to you–in the distance
through our minds
and our loving hearts
which have their strings
tied together
in a caring knot


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