Slaughter of Innocence

slaughter of innocence
murder of the damned
ever since our birth,
cursed to be away
destined to be dead
in the hands not of others
but our own coarse ones,
hardened by the knowing
that childhood has left
pain will be regained
and it will never be the same –
it won’t come in tears
out of a crocodile’s eyes
it’s its wont to appear
in scars on hearts and spots
unfading, always remaining
shaping the man you are to become
with the blood in your eyes
and the salt in your tongue
until you say goodbye

speak your repentance
seek out your penance
that which you deserve now
of which never before
you would have thought of
as you played in parks
and laughed with all your heart
alongside those akin to you
that as of now remain no more

strangled the cheeks of a child
drowned the dreams and hopes
bled out in shambles of limbs
in pieces to remember having

shattered the past of our spirits
astray on the pavement below
our ageing feet and legs
our weakened ankles and love

back to dust, back to the place
where we belong


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