my thoughts are fragmented now
and so are the words in my book
and the lyrics of all songs
sung by my heart

that’s what you’ve done

you undone poem
you evil, evil stanza
that’s what you’ve done
to me

with your dancing smile,
your inked soul on mine
and now i am broken –
teared apart by your voice and your legs
by the roses blooming on my face
when you’re near

that’s what you’ve done
with your chain-saw eyes
and your searing tongue
until my words are detached
by your silence when we stand
and reattached once again
when you open your loving mouth
in my direction.

now i think in fragmented thoughts
and my words cry out, seeking support
and my hands type word after word
trying to find a cohesion in them all
but how could they
when you’re not talking
when you’re not smiling
when you’re not looking
at me anymore

now my feet tear up
and my pants miss your hugs
and i’m left in pieces,
spread out on the soil
waiting for you to cure me
to put me back together

but you don’t

so i’m fragmented now
broken now
always in waiting now

that’s what you’ve done


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