i do not mind if you’ve got holes
in your soul and in your feet
from walking and caring ––
if there is darkness in the corners
of your brown eyes
where light once used to reside

what do i care if you’re hollow
if you’re lonely and needy
as long as you’re here
i’m here
you’ll be fine, we’ll be alright

i do not care if there are spaces
in your heart left untouched
that’s what i’m here for
my skin will fill those holes up
we will burden them with our love

i just care about my holes
about the hollowness
in my heart
that is felt
when you’re not around
when you’re not here to say goodnight
or to shake my hand
every newborn day

what do i care about your wholes?
i’ve got mine to worry about
i just want you to take care of them
you to fill them up with your lips
and patch the wounds with your touch

to sew the ruptures with a string made
from the words spoken late at night
and the lines sent regardless of time

i need you to fill me up
to cover up the holes
in my heart
and i’ll be alright
we’ll be one


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