On love: crash

i need my relationships to be
two-lane roads
not one sided, stretched out
or four to one, always
towards you, fast enough
while you’re stuck away
in my love, astray

a boulevard of endless lights
like possibilities, shrilly cries
the whistling vast
cast away, going in reverse
never forward, turn left
back to you, roundabout
i see spirals, read and green
dancing arrows up ahead

pause. repeat, reignite the heat
press down my foot, rush out
but it’s a puzzle made of streets
wheels like binding pieces
spinning around, slow down
to a halt

and there’s you again, flashing past
a sun-kissed pedestrian
wallet in hand, where do you go?
away– like the wind ashore

a loud bang, screeching can
muffled cry, your own
i crash into you, once again
your rocky skin,
your teared up dreams
lied down, chest to the ground
smothered by a wailing love

but it’s me, lying on the dirt
marks like wheels on my back
what’s that smell, burnt rubber
so sweep me away, make a mountain
out of the fragments of my imagination
and so i’ll be – i’ll become
a shard of broken mirror in your past


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