a view from above

into the darkness
between the thousands
of dots, luminous streams,
i see rivers of blood,
of lost hope–
a dense mist
of uncertainty covers all,
brackish the unreliable
information all around
encircling us, tearing
us   apart

and then there are the dots
millions of them
full of light
and potential might
like stars lost at night
forming not constellations
but cries

but they’re not like them
not like stars after all
they’re not light years apart
but mere seconds, blinking
once, twice– hello, goodbye
part of their sight, their might
lies in their closeness

for there is beauty in numbers,
power in reason, maths
hold the key towards freedom

together they outshine the sky
the lights above lost in time–
no burning star can shut them down
only fear can do that
but with the night, comes fright
and in the dark
we shine brighter than the stars


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