fraction of a life
blink your love away
gulp your worries out
brush it off, say
goodbye, hello
come back, take one
step forward, towards me
just one breath, clip
pages, staple thoughts
clash the ripples of words
on my mind, a single
drop on a calm surface:
my back stricken
by freckles, red spots
one scratch, pink line
soft kiss, blown astray
swirl me away, whirl me around
back to you, chop down
my trunk, down on my knees
I plead, one word, just one smile
it won’t take long, won’t take more
than the flutter of a page
a shoulder’s shrug, painter’s brush
down canvass straight–white
empty moment now lost
read me a line, hold me, lie
one note, one key, one vocal chord
struck in awe
take me back, shake me off,
let me breathe, be still
blink me dark,
let me go


7 thoughts on “second

  1. What a great poem! I love the imagery most – it flows very smoothly, yet it is not predictable or boring. I like that the poem is dynamic, there is a sense of movement, it develops and keeps the reader’s attention from the start to the end. Thank you for sharing this piece!


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