(Poem written in response to Poetry 101 Rehab: Right)


unlike the words coming out of my hand, side by side, tuned up to pop-songs, shitty lyrics–– nonsensical banality in all
unlike this feeling, this desire: all the blood pumped up to my head, from my heart, the bossy rider; regal reins of the first morning, first hour, first everything without you


next to my left, always wrong, always less than a second thought
– i want yours to intertwine with mine, make love out of sweat-drops in our palms and lock our eyes, bone our trunks, jigsaw puzzles together at last
(that’s how i am, what i’ve become under your gaze: a simple itch, descending aorta to the floor)


never myself, never truly mine, blood vessels overflown by an eager valve, the unwavering feeling that, one day, you’ll come back, we’ll be alright
unlike the knowledge that i waste ink, time, my callous hands’ tries on writing about love, about you, about something that never was, not in the distance, in the darkness of the atrial branch


unlike us
so similar to life, so devastating the feeling that you’re there, on my chest, and i’m type A, you make me afraid, my vena cavae might not last



not anymore


3 thoughts on “right

  1. “… in the darkness of the atrial branch.” Wow. That part hit hard. I can almost physically feel my chest hurting! Some very beautiful images in this piece. And I really like the way you’ve referenced specific parts of the heart. It’s something fresh – and it makes your work stand out in the sea of heartache poems which only mention the organ as a whole. 😊 Not to mention, it also conveys how emotions don’t just sit placidly in our hearts like objects inside a box… If we feel them strongly enough, they can actually hurt us with every contraction of cardiac muscle. 😊


  2. Wow! This is so intense, so raw and so deeply affecting… It’s quite overwhelming, really, you know your way with words. I love the stark, even cruel images. It’s a poem of rugged beauty.


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