(Poem written in response to Poetry Rehab 101: Thaw)

the word blossoms in my mouth
like a kiss planted by their hands
fingers fondling my soil
my thoughts like dirt–washed away
no change, no rain, no heat, no chill
only wind, only hurt, just you

no rivers run downstream,
down the empty streets, road winding back,
there is no thaw, no melting snow–
there was never any snow
no change, clouds grey up above
the sun flares, but I can’t see, we
are not there, not yet, not anymore
no memory of beauty–snowflakes
on tongues untouched, flagrant skin
upon their stroke, their words:
falling petals to the floor

yes, wilt– I to my knees
kiss their feet, set roots straight
deserted branches, abandoned leaves
and let them   grow me back–sick ivy
poisonous fungus down their necks
no winter, not with them, no change
just spring, all the same: a word
limp on my cheeks, a mere ghost
thawing smile of an unforgotten love.


One thought on “thaw

  1. I can just feel the coldness, physical and emotional, emanating from your poem… It’s a powerful record of frustration and disappointment… Thank you for sharing these lines.


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