sons and daughters

Can you remember what silence feels like anymore?
Do you recall its cold touch on your soul,
Its calming scent running down your veins, reaching out towards your chest?

Close your eyes.
Do you see only darkness now?
Does it remind you of something else?

Open them once again.
And close them, right away.
Imagine the light sliding through your eyelids is infinite.
That the red up ahead will never end.
Pretend it’s not made of brainwaves and thoughts but of billions of stars.
Can you see them, twinkling and blinking, their light crashing against that of others, merging into one?
Do you recognise them?
Do you know their names?

Let your eyes course across the densely populated sky now.
Let them fly freely, jump from one congregation of lights to another.
And count the luminous dots.
Then start again.
Realise it’s useless –– there are some things that are meant to be left undone.

Now prick your ears up.
Pay attention to what they say.
Can you listen to their cries?
Do you understand the words to their whispered songs?
Would you dance to the sound of their whistled throb?

Let your eyes wonder at the space between them.
Like half-empty beds.
Like only one glass of wine on a table, red sliding down a lonely throat.
They are uncrossed thresholds, unwalled paths.
But can you see the bridges that connect one star with its brother?
Do you understand the might to such a distance, to such a painful loving,
To such a lovely hurting?

Now focus on only one of them.
One star, one sun, planet or thought.
Look at how all the others fade away, disappear into the night, but don’t be afraid.
Don’t look away until they’re gone.
Until all you can see is that lonely star shimmering down at you.
And ask yourself,
Is this not what love is all about?

Look at the sky until it feels familiar to you.
Until the absence of the moon makes you think about all those you have lost.
Until the planets become your lovers
And the stars grow to be your brothers and sisters.
Your sons and daughters.
Look at them, until you can hear their hearts echoing in the distance.

Sink into the darkness, and don’t look back until it feels like you can see the galaxies up ahead.
And you can toss all your troubles down a blackhole.
And find comfort in the familiar moon when you come back.
Look and don’t even blink until the milky-way smiles down at you
And the brightest star pours all its light on you.

Look above until you can see nothing but darkness once more.
Until the first light erases all trace of those you love most with something as mighty and clear as that love.

Now open your eyes once again.
Let your pupils dilate to a new day,
To the same sun as before,
And ask yourself:
Do you remember now?


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