one day

(Poem written in response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab: Day)

creaks the ink on words astray

just one more, one last page

burning forest to the ground–
our minds alike
ashes on gusts, away blown
to others’ pasts

just one last breath, one more page

a love unknown, begins
upon the hour
their eyes shine like dawn upon mine
a smile like a silvery tower–
and i climb
upwards, upwards, i rise–
a reigning moon to my raging tide,
my circling thoughts

flutters the page, raps the ink
just one last, one more day

like spirals, hypnotic, my thoughts
shield me
from truths, just fantasies
one last kiss

yes, just one more word
one last frame, another dawn

words gyre into obsessions–love
one more love, one more day
to say goodbye

but one more,
one last day


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