sugar chalice

one teaspoon, a flood
just water running in
running out of saints, my brain
no prayer for the unknown
only sinners, simple mix
smooth now the surface of life
to say goodbye, seek forgiveness
shake my head, your thoughts
away, aloof, undistinguishable sift

knead the fears once more,
whipped cream–doubts overflown
my soul curdles with their citric touch
and still the stirring, preheated self
to no one, for nothing, all

then add sugar, whole grains
onto lines like rivers, coursing deep
thirsty the remembrance of days
sprinkle first, sweetness of youth
and pour one cup, two cups, no victory
just cover the dotted past, heart-loss
until only white is seen,
diabetic lies rolled out into the night
the choir rising to a boil

hot enough, but too late
too many blinks on twin points–seconds
and I’m yeast, bitter, rust
we’re flour, black, grated faith
until leaven, rotted selves come apart

but still we settle, we rest,
over-mixed, left to stand
unable to be sieved

(Poem written in response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab: Sugar)


12 thoughts on “sugar chalice

    • This means quite a lot to me, so thank you! The whole prompt situation has been incredibly fruitful for me, just what I needed to start writing again, really. Oh, and I truly appreciate your encouraging words every week (:


  1. but still we settle, we rest,
    over-mixed, left to stand
    unable to be sieved

    I think that’s one of my favourite stanzas of yours. I always really enjoy your take on these prompts, thanks for sharing! 🙂


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