I was tagged on this Free Writing Challenge by Benedict Nicholson (who did an awesome job at his own challenge), and the prompt given was Skin. Here’s what I came up with (I added the title minutes after finishing writing this):


hard crust of lines
the rivers run deep
but alas waves crash
on selves, tales steep
and i’m left fluttering
struggling against the wind
blow after blow
your absence requires me to breathe
but my brow dries up
blood flows through creases
on my hands, which crave yours
and my eyes meet the sky
the sea and the sand
in a fulfilment, a telling
of hesitant words: i miss you

i become a shell only
left to be stepped on
a cadaver swept over–
take me away

(6:06 min. 88 words.)

Thank you for tagging me! Really enjoyed doing this (:


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