(Poem written in response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry Rehab 101: Away)

dirt on trees and leaves
washed away
the rain on summer days
suck it all up, be drenched, lost
love of time
and fall once more, be found
down on earth


5 thoughts on “away

    • Thank you! It took me a while to understand what you meant (and I’m still not quite sure) but then I saw a completely different side to my poem thanks to your words. And that was completely amazing! So thank you! I always appreciate comments on here, they give me real insight into my own words (sometimes people get deeper meanings from what I write than myself, for some reason!) so I truly appreciate it. Thanks!

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      • I hope i did not leave you in troubles. Trust me, i had read it more than twice, every time deriving a new meaning. I felt it is metaphor for loved ones meet, i felt it is how natures stays away to be near and many a few things. Then i felt apt comment would be “Not at all away from away”, meaning.. away meaning is dealt is such a way that it is not at all away from prompt. 🙂


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