it comes when you’re least expecting it
like death, life, a child, love
it slides through dense curtains
down closed doors, conversations:
what do you want to be when you’re old?
take me, kiss me, hold me, don’t leave me
i am here, the sea whispers, let’s just listen

dry sheets become humid under its touch
kissed pillows laugh, just two lonely legs
not four, no wet garments and a cushion
underneath gasps and whispers and laughter

sleep comes in cackles, in silence, in lust, words:
create a void inside me, take me away
yes, captain, chief, let’s sail to the world–
books seethe through, imagination runs free–
and i’m falling off a cliff, edifice of arms
down your trunk my head rolls, searches skin
centipede bites down on my arse, venom green
take care, little insect, you’ll be alright

i hallucinate, sleep illuminates,
a boat roars down from the sky to the beach

(Poem written in response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab: Sleep)

(picture credit goes to Becky Comber)


3 thoughts on “sleep

  1. A poem about a murderous rapist centipede, whew :-O I realise that’s not what it’s about, but despite the heightened pain depicted in the poem, it still strikes me as a slightly tongue-in-cheek piece, perhaps not taking oneself too seriously. I like this approach.


    • Ha, the reason I like it is the change of tone from other poems of mine… Even from the one I posted last week, this one ends with a humorous bit which was a nice change from all the drama! Still painful I think in some images, and it conveys what I’ve been feeling for the past week whilst going to sleep alone, but somehow light seethed through (:


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