Conservation of Energy

surrounds toes, kisses feet
ankles deep, soil steep,
it flows backwards
pushed around by the wind
by coincidences, racing fish–
a salmon that jumps to the sky
splurging the mud on the edge
a slow ripple through which energy surges,
energy emerges, it overflows
limbs, eyes, fingers staining white

water runs down cheeks, it drains
the colour of green, reflected
of trees, alive, bushes astray
water succumbs to the force
of gravity, of destiny, of time:
a pebble on the way
one pebble, small, minuscule
makes a difference

the river flows, the stream runs
it changes its course
but it is ever the same–
same water, same body, same skin–
a gush of water, cleansing
is now overcome by energy
by life
by an inability to stay behind


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