Kitsunes Invisívels

energy surrounding, remaining
a suprasensible link
invisible, intangible
yet evident, Platonic,

red hair
falling on feet
petals on the floor
portraying the demise of time
the passing away of hours
months, years
spent by your side
why have we grown astray?
when leaves on trees–
oak and unicorn’s hair–
remind me
of us, of you
of hours spent
on each other, about one another

now the sun
on my back reminds me
you’re still there
in the past
you’re now gone
we’re not the same anymore
we do not mean the same

and that’s alright
sometimes, we fall down
like leaves on the soil
left to the wind
to be carried
shaken, taken

but let’s fly together once more
stand still, plant our seeds
and grow roots
entwined, forever
remember and think
that we’re still the same
with the sun on our faces
at the back of the class
always too loud
always a notch too warm

and keep arguing
all the time
wondering, pondering
about time passing by
too fast


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