the fox and the fish

on to the river
where water licks
it smirks
at the pebbles, the rocks–
water washes down filth,
it drags memories within

a salmon jumps up,
uncaring– charisma comes natural:
a gawkiness inherent,
lack of love unnatural
to grey scales, large mouth
fins flapping slowly
ignoring smiles far away
when green and grey eyes meet
(grey, for their uncertainty of being)

with a fox that preys
amongst Grizzly Bears
unaware, a white, invisible fox
he’s wintry and cold
a warm soul wouldn’t catch on him
the sunlights shies away
from him, eyes on the water’s
flickering stream,
ears pinned back
paws unsure on the ground

the fox attacks
white fangs appear
as lips retract
and eyes, brown and green–
reflected light–
prey on the fish
that jumps and slumps

and the water stays still
and the salmons roam free


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