summer days

summer days
go out slowly
each hour, every
       single minute
is elongated
under the Sun’s gaze
over the Earth’s
   palpitant strength;
stretched into eternity
until you look back
and realise:
      it’s over, you’re done
the past is stuck together
     clashed and smashed
in a memory lasting
no more
than a single thought–
a frog’s jump,
whistling birds

the waves crash
rhythmically, stubborn
counting down the seconds
counting down
        to the end
in the kiss of the earth:
the beach reclaiming
        its power
over the sea

fickle time
that embraces me–
this absence of you, gone:
   flighty is
   the weather inside

heat punctures lips
it ruptures memories
the throb of the past,
creates thoughts, brows
  that sweat in silence
in stillness,
heat makes the world burn
  inside, a devastating fire
made of you, made
         of lovers, gone
a       of memories, lost

summer days, bring on storms
that wash down stones
on the coast–
tear down thoughts,
       bare skin
to a breaking-point
until there’s nothing,
       not much left
other than this fleeting sensation
       that, one day,
all that’s gone
    will be regained
and lost lovers
    will come ashore.



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