Mexican writer of poetry and stories. Lover of all languages and people. Seeker of the truth. Content reader of lies by others. Constant teller of my own truths disguised as fiction. Eager listener; ever dreaming; persistent wonderer, irreverent wanderer; sometimes a warrior, mostly a worrier.
I play with words and pretend they’re mine when indeed I know they are the ones who own me.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your link on community pool. I may not be the right person to critique poetry since I don’t write it, but your pictures are very intense and I have yet to see a blog that uses pictures for post categories. Unique!


    • Hey! Thanks… I wish I could say that I took most of those pictures but sadly that isn’t true. What I’m trying to do is an inverse “don’t judge a book (or poem in this case) by its cover”. I want people to choose what they’re going to read visually, without even knowing the poem’s title. I thought it would be a new take on the whole reading experience.
      Thank you again, so glad it’s –somewhat– working!

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